Intersections, Overlaps, and Community

Travel any road long enough and you’re sure to come to some type of intersection. Some demand a choice, others merely offer options. Arriving at the four-way stop, one can choose a new direction or ignore either option to turn and continue on. The country road that ends in a “T” requires a decision. Deciding to continue on without turning would be unwise.

There is another type of “intersection”. An intersection of ideas, thoughts, discussions, human connections, dreams, teachings, sensory inputs of all types. The last few months seems to have been a time of tremendous sensory input. Possibly a time to consider choices …

Intentional, purpose, habits, declarations, identity, freedom, healing, and connections to the Holy Spirit and to other people. Family, generational, wounds, fleeting, health, love, truth, calling, season, now, urgency, discipleship. A fairly substantial number of intersecting ideas and concepts.

And maybe that’s just it. Maybe the point is that I am the point of intersection, the point where these inputs are guideposts and not binary options to be boiled down to “pick this, not that”. Maybe the real point is to be found in the overlap. Someone shared with me that my brain works “somewhat strangely” and that I think and process information differently than many. I’m still processing that one!

Yeah, that’s a lot to process. Actually, it's too much. At least without some guidance. Some help. A counselor to help me work through it. A guide to lead me into all truth. One who will prepare me for all good works. Someone who has experienced everything and more than I could ever experience. Someone who has come through it all. And brothers. Brothers to talk through it, ask questions, discuss answers, ask more questions. Laugh at me. Cry with me. And laugh some more. To share life with. And ultimately, to make it clear that I have to own my own stuff.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t do this alone. And I am sorry that this may offend (actually I am not sorry at all, this is MY story), but I can’t do it with only God. I can’t. I need people. Not a lot. Just a few. But the right ones. His grace is sufficient, yet I need other guys who will be there and who will honor me by allowing me to be in their stuff with them. Good stuff and crap stuff. And guess what, I’ve never met a man who is different. Sure, some think they are… for a season. You can’t be who you are designed to be without His presence and the presence of other guys. Period.

Paul understood this. Jesus knocked him on his…  Speaking intersection, Jesus and Saul, now that WAS an intersection! Men had to physically lead Saul by the hand to Damascus. Once there, Saul did nothing for three days, no food, no drink. Nothing. Until Ananias was sent to restore his sight. Jesus could have done this without Ananias, but we see time and time again how he uses other people for His plans.

The disciples learned, lived and experimented in community. They were sent out in pairs. God works in relationships. We are designed for relationship. From the beginning of time, The Trinity, God’s Relational, has been the model. We are designed for family, for community. We are designed to be insufficient in our individualism and yet wholly sufficient as a body. Each role playing its part for the benefit of all.

May I suggest that so much of what you may be wondering, so many of the paths you may be wandering, needs to be done as a community. You, the Holy Spirit and your tribe.

So, what is with all of the ideas of, “intentional, purpose, habits, declarations, identity, freedom, healing, connections to the Holy Spirit and to other people, family, generational, wounds, fleeting, health, love, truth, calling, season, now, urgency, discipleship”? That’s a good question. One that is being worked out in community. Maybe a better question is, “What is God putting on your heart?” And then working through that with a few others as they process their own.

-Brad Roderick