Hope City Serve Day

April 20th, 6-9pm

Those serving will be helping to serve a meal starting at around 7:30. We need 6 adults to serve (ages 15 and up). 

Others could come if they wanted to mingle.

Please RSVP by April 17th if you are interested in serving.

5101 E. 24TH STREET


Hope City is a house of prayer and community center that seeks to bring social justice to the inner city of Kansas City through 24/7 prayer and missions.  From the place of prayer a Community Center feeds the hungry, the Trade-Off-Program helps the addicts, the Youth Program is provided for at-risk kids, and Internships equip men and women to minister in the inner city.  

Jesus who is the King of Social Justice said in Luke 18, “that we are to cry out night and day for justice to come to the earth.”  Hope City is located in one of Kansas City’s toughest neighborhoods known for high gang violence, murder, and poverty.  Daily we are confronted with real life scenarios where those who have been marginalized by society are forced into desperate situations.  

We are given the opportunity to show the love of Jesus in word and deed and bring HOPE to the city.  We see the life changing power of God’s love and presence working everyday.